Just received my beautiful tulip light. It is amazing. and fits perfectly. Thank you for your help.
Jil, California November 2023
Thank you for all your help. The 8 inch plastic/acrylic globe looks wonderful! You got it exactly right!
Scher, Pennsylvania, October, 2023
I appreciate the prompt service. Thank you.
RMC, Florida, September 2023
Thank you for the prompt delivery of the two lamps that I ordered. They were very well packed and was delivered in perfect condition.
BB Kansas, September 2023
Thank you. The glass shades are lovely.
LB, New Jersey, August 2023
Thank you. Fit perfectly. You guys are awesome!
Deb, Pennsylvania, July 2023
Great job, great company!
PB, Maryland May, 2023
Thank you very much. It is exactly what we needed
SGG, DC, May 2023
Thank you so much and also for the suggestion about bulbs. When I accidentally broke my shade I never thought I could find another. Then I came across your website. Your customer service has been amazing.
MAP, Maine, May 2023
The glass shade is perfect. Thank you.
Gold, Washington March 2023
Thank you – it is perfect!
Elle, New York – March 2023
Thank you! It is beautiful and it fits perfectly. Thank you for your prompt and gracious service.
PT, Colorado March 2023
Thank You! The "lily" perfect size! blends in with the rest looks healthier as younger than the rest of its new family and fits in nicely.
Mel, Michigan Feb. 2023
It fit perfectly, thank you
JK, North Carolina Feb. 2023
Thank you very much for your excellent job in locating the glass we required. It is a perfect fit.
TR, Delaware January 2023
Thank you for your fantastic service. Your willingness to measure the globe is just above and beyond. The globe is for an antique lamp.
MST, Kentucky January 2023
Thank you .. they fit perfect.
ADM, New Jersey, January 2023

Thank you for your professionalism. It is clearly evident by the manner in which you keep your customers informed.
MPH, California, January 2023
You are my hero. It fits and looks just right. Matches the other one. Thanks for tracking it down.
GG – Mississippi, September 2022
Just wanted you to know that your service was excellent. Thanks so much! My daughter-in-law managed to knock over my lamp at Christmas time breaking 3 of the shades. She was very distraught about it. I was so glad to find your shop and order replacements. The shades you have are prettier than what came with the lamp years ago, so I ordered 2 more to complete the set. I am thrilled and my daughter-in-law is no longer feeling so sad about the incident. We both are extremely pleased.
KAS, Wisconsin January 2023
I received the glass globe today. Thank you for such speedy service. I am so happy to report that the glass fits. What a relief. Thank you again.
PC, New Mexico, December 2022
Glass shades arrived completely intact and they look lovely. Thank you very much.
RC, California December 2022
Arrived completely intact and they look lovely. Thank you very much.
RC, California, December 2022
Thank you very much for your fabulous customer service.
DPE, Florida December 2022
We looked for conical shades for years. Now we have them.
MT, Utah. December 2022
The box arrived safely and all is good. Thank you!
JO, Illinois – December 2022
Thank you got my deliveries and I’m satisfied.
OZ, New York December 2022
Thank you! The lamp shades are beautiful
GY, California, December 2022
You guys are great. Thank you.
CS, Colorado, October 2022
Super customer service.....uncommon these days.....but you provide it!
Jeb, Florida. October 2022
It is just perfect! Thank you for such good service.
MBO, Arizona October, 2022
Item received. Thank you! You folks are awesome.
SBO, Ohio, September 2022
The fixture and glass arrived safely in one piece. We’re over the moon with excitement. This turned out to be a real pleasure. Thanks again for your help.
MCC, September 2022, Texas
The two lamps and crystal arrived yesterday. They look GREAT on the lamps. Thank so much Susan for your research and finding the correct replacements.
JGG – California, September 2022
The shade arrived this evening and it's perfect. Thank you.
PGR, Virginia, September 2022
Item received. Thank you! You folks are awesome….
STB, Ohio, September 2022

Thank you so much!
JE, New Jersey. September 2022
You are my hero. It fits and looks just right. Matches the other one. Thanks for tracking it down.
CG, Mississippi - September 2022
Lily shade is perfect. Thank you.
Kay, FL August 2022
Globe arrived safely, I'm very pleased with it. Thank you.
MA, California, August 2022
Wanted to let you know that the glass chimney arrived. I am very pleased that it fit perfectly. Many thanks for your assistance!!!
AB, Massachusetts. August 2022
I can’t tell you how thrilled I was to receive my glass dome. I have been looking for 5 years! I finally found a person who gave me your website. So very grateful to her. I have the vintage cactus lamps. Bought them when they were new—not vintage! I will keep your address. Thank you so very very much.
Sincerely, SS – Arizona – July 2022
Thank you for the beautiful lampshades that came today I thank you very much just what I was looking for.
BR -California. July 2022

Thank you. They look great!
CD – Michigan, July 2022
Yes, I received the order. Absolutely GORGEOUS pieces! I love them!! Thank you!
Teri, PA June 2022
I wanted to let you know how great the entire experience has been! The item was shipped quickly, packaged safely, and arrived in one piece. Thanks so much to the Lamp Glass Inc team!
DG – Arizona – April 2022

Thanks! It’s great!
JD – Illinois – April 2022

Thank you for fulfilling my order for the Frosted Glass Shade with Ruffle. It came in perfect condition. I sincerely appreciate the fact that you were able to find such a similar item to compliment my existing lighting fixture. Thank you very much again
Cyn, California, April 2022
The lampshades showed up in perfect condition. Thank you so much, they are just what I wanted.
Deb, New York, March 2022
Glass received, thank you. Great product and delivery!!!
Ter, Pennsylvania, March 2022

Thanks. More than satisfactory replacements. Great customer service. Many thanks.
PW, Minnesota - March 2022

Thank you! It arrived in great shape, and I love it!
MA – Indiana – March 2022
It fits! Thank you so much for your help.
Ann, Michigan, March 2022
I just wanted to let you know we are very happy with the new lampshade. Thank you for all of your help!
Denise, Maryland. March 2022
IT FITS PERFECTLY!! Thank you soo much!! Couldn’t have done it without you!! You are awesome!!
J.W. Idaho. March 2022
All glass shades arrived and are already in place. Thank you for your help.
J.W., Nebraska, March, 2022
We received the glass and installed them right away and they look great, we love them. Thank you Lamp Glass.
Mak, Washington. February 2022
Thanks so much. The shades are just fine. Now I need to head out for some bulbs. You’ve been great to work with. They arrived this evening.
Cal, Florida. February 2022
Thanks so much. The shades are just fine. Now I need to head out for some 7 w. Bulbs. You’ve been great to work work with. They arrived this evening.
CH – Florida, February, 2022
I received my two glass lamp shades today. I have installed them and am so "Happy". They blend in very nicely with the other glass lamp shades. They arrived in perfect condition. Thank you for packing them so securely. It's been a real pleasure working with you. You truly know your business so well.
Thank you so much again. 
Dee, California, February 2022 
Thank you very much. Everything arrived safely and in tact. The glass lamp shades blend in nicely with the remaining shades. Thank you so much for your expertise. Cyndee, California, February 2022
Thank you for such a great experience. I was heartbroken when my shade got broken when trying to change the bulb and decided to try to find one that was close and already painted. Lamp is a cherished gift from my parents many years ago – so very special. Since there were no close matches, I decided to try to find a plain white shade and I would hand paint it myself. Ordering thru your company was easy and a confirmation was immediately received and again when it was shipped and delivered. Completed it today and it’s not quite as perfect as the original, but probably no one else would even notice. Would definitely recommend your company. Again, great experience!
Lisa, New York. February 2022
Thank you so much for the update. Looking forward to receiving all the shades. It was a pleasure doing business with you.
Mare, Wisconsin Feb. 2022
The glass shade for our torchiere lamp arrived today and we are VERY pleased. You were easy to work with, and we thank you.
Sandi, Kansas January 2022
I am so pleased! They came today, my lily shades and they fit perfectly. Thank you so much. Would recommend you to anyone!!
Kate, Pennsylvania January 2022
The globe arrived and it fits perfectly! Just wanted to say thank you very much for your help.
Rich, Idaho December 2021
Thank you. The glass chimney arrived perfectly in one piece – no breakage. It fits my oil lamp and looks great.
Lorie, Pennsylvania, December 2021
Just wanted to let you know the two glass sconce shade/bowls arrived today. they are perfect!!! Packing job was excellent and the shipping was fast. THANK YOU.
Thomas, MA, December 2021
Thank you very much. The glass arrived in good order and I was very happy with your customer service.
Jen, Virginia December 2021
The glass shades arrived in good order and quickly also. Thank you for your assistance.
Mary, Minnesota. December, 2021
I got it- and I LOVE IT, Thanks
Mary, New Mexico, December 2021
Thank you, it fit perfectly.
Ra, New Hampshire. November, 2021
Thank you so much for being so great with communication, which made this easy.
B. Steve, Alberta, Canada September 2021

Thank you for going to this effort. I wish there were more service oriented companies like yours.
R & R, Georgia, August, 2021
Your help and advice goes above and beyond what most people do. This type of service is rare nowadays – so we thank you!!
Kat, Ohio, November 21
Everything worked out just perfect. Definitely keep you in mind when needing these glass shades, again. Thanks.
Dave, Tennessee, November, 2021
We are very impressed with the results - thank you very much for your suggestion we cannot be more pleased how it looks in person. We are super happy. Thank you again.
Saul, Colorado October 2021
Everything arrived in great shape and looks beautiful. Thanks again for your help.
CB, Pennsylvania, October 2021
They worked!!! The chimneys are taller than the original but they work! Thank you so much.
Mary, Wisconsin October 2021
It worked. Thank you.
Moor, New York, October 2021
I wasted no time after the glass shade holder arrived getting it and my new globe back on! It looks great. Thanks for your help.
Stu, Virginia, October 2021
Thank you! It fits perfectly.
Mir K, Pennsylvania, October 2021
Picked up the glass this morning. In the lamps, they look awesome.
DZ, Florida, October 2021
Thank you so very much for the outstanding customer service, prompt shipment, and beautiful product. I am truly blown away with all aspects of this transaction.
Sue, Florida, August 2021
I wanted to let you know the globe fit perfectly! It looks great. I am so happy. Thank you very much.
LB, Arizona, July 2021
Thank you so much for replying to my request. It has been a pleasure working with your company.
G.G. Ohio, July 2021
My Dear Susan - a pleased customer has received a most beautiful globe. My goodness, our new globe is wonderful. So sorry the family heirloom met with accident, however, almost better than the original is our new globe you packed and arranged for safe delivery. I thank you, so much. Gratefully,
Sharon, Ohio, June 2021
THEY FIT!!!! I CAN'T THANK YOU ENOUGH!!!! I so very much appreciate this!
Amy, Texas, June 2021
Thank you for your work in helping us find a globe #8402 - Frosted White Glass Globe 4" x 10". It arrived this week and fits perfectly!
Mark, Minnesota, May 2021
Our new globes arrived today, and they are perfect!! Thank you so much for your help and for figuring out how to modify the glass to fit our fan. It looks great.
Amanda, South Carolina, May 2021 
The little chimney arrived safely today. It fits and looks nice. Thank you very much for shipping it so fast. Thank you for being so very nice and kind.
Yvonne, Kansas, February 2021
I just ordered, Saturday, another little lamp chimney, same size. The one I already received is so nice and I now have another lamp that needs one. Thank you.
Matt, Kansas. February, 2021
The little glass chimney arrived safely today. It fits nicely, just the one I wanted.
Thank you very much.
Yvonne, Kansas,  February 2021
Thanks- Received today - looks great
Jim, Arizona, February
I ordered #9938 and it’s perfect!! Looks beautiful. Very nice product!! Thank you.
Val, New Jersey, February 2021
Shade arrived in perfect condition. Thank you,
Cindy, California. February 2021
Thank you for perfect match they look fantastic.
From a Happy customer
Anne, Florida February 2021
Thank you so much and for the extra effort you have made to accommodate my wishes. You can depend that I will let my friends know that your company should be the go to for their business, also.
Carol, Michigan, February 2021
I received my glass lamps this past week. I have never been so delighted in a product as I was yours. Everything about the order was perfect. Ordering online, updates from you, the packaging and the final product. Both chimney's fit and they both look beautiful. Thank you so very much.
Anne, Pennsylvania, February 2021
Thank you so very much for all your help!! I have looked a long time for that shade and would still be if not for you.
Sam, Ohio,  February 2021
The lamps shade arrived a few days ago and I just put it on the lamp. It is perfect. Thank you for your help.
Cher, New Jersey. January 2021
Thank you so much. The glass arrived today and is perfect. Thank you.
Deb, Colorado, January 2021
Arrived perfect condition, thanks.
Den, Maryland, January 2021
My new globe arrived today in perfect condition. Thank you.
Lyn, Virginia, January, 2021
Just received the glass chimney today. It fits perfectly. Thank you.
Rem, Maryland, January 2021
I just wanted to let you know that my two beautiful glass shades arrived today - #9803 and #7903. They were packaged so well...both the big torchiere and small pendant. They are truly beautiful and can't wait to get them up. Thank you for having these beautiful pieces of art available...they will be lovingly displayed in our home.
Deb, Massachusetts,January 2021
My glass cylinders arrived today and just installed them – they are a perfect fit. Thank you so much for all of your help in obtaining the correct glass.
Ang, Massachusetts, January 2021

Received my chimney today – thank you very much.
John, Colorado, January 2021
Shade arrived in perfect condition. Thanks so much.
Ann, Virginia. December 2020
I love how the lamp looks with its new Gone with the Wind globe and so happy you sell glass to make lamps new again.
CC, New Hampshire November 2020
Just wanted to let you know, I decided to order from your company not only because of your prompt responses but I want to give support to a company like yours, other than Amazon. I was very pleased with the fast delivery and the shade goes perfect with the lamp. Thank you!
Fred, Maryland, November 2020
The clear chimney arrived today....that was quick! Perfect fit! Thanks again for your helpful and speedy service.
Mary, New York, November 2020
Thank you for your prompt service. I enjoy working with people have still have customer service.Thanks.
Jim, Washington, November, 2020

I just picked up the lamp shades. They are perfect! Thank you so much for your help in getting them to me. This lamp is very special to me as it was one of the last presents my mother gave me before she passed away. It's nice to have this memory in my living room. Now, you are part of it. Thank you.
Diane, North Carolina November 2020
Thank you for all your determination and professionalism in solving our glass shade problem. Outstanding work-around solution. Hats off to you. Stay safe.
J & S, Hawaii, November, 2020
Thank you for your prompt service I enjoy working with people have still have customer service. Thanks.
Jim Washington, November 2020
Thank you for your help selecting the correct glass for my chandelier. It looks great!!
Julie, Massachusetts, October 2020
The lamp shade arrived and it works perfectly. Thanks for your help!
Cheryl, Illinois, October 2020
I think it couldn't be more perfect! It is very similar to the original, yet better. The smaller one would have been too small. I am thrilled. Thank you for your guidance and help.
Sarah, Colorado, October 2020
Thank you my order came in a timely manner and was in great shape. Thanks.
Jim, Washington, October 2020
Our glass shades arrived yesterday.  We have installed them and REALLY do like them. Again, thank you for all your help with selecting them.
Michelle, Colorado, September 2020
I just wanted to let you know that the glass cylinder arrived yesterday and it fits perfectly!!! We’re very happy. Thank you very much for all your help!
R.D. Illinois, September 2020
Thanks so much for this great shade. Buying online is always a leap of faith and we're really impressed. The lamp we purchased had an unattractive shade. This shade, couldn't ask for more. Your customer service was excellent. Thanks again.
Denis, NY, September 2020
Thank you, thank you. We just cannot thank you enough. So glad we found you, the glass shades are a perfect fit.
Michele, Florida. August 2020
Just thought I'd tell you that, the lamp shade got here and it's absolutely beautiful! It fits the lamp as if the shade came with it. Thank you so much for your assistance.
Val, Kansas, August 2020
I very much admire your customer friendly approach.
Dale, Texas, August 2020
Wanted to let you know I got the shade today in 2 days! Thank you so much for your help and prompt response to me. It isn’t 100% identical but close enough – don’t think I could find anything closer.
Lori, Nebraska, July 2020
Thank you so much! You are wonderful to work with.
John, North Carolina  July 2020
I wanted to let you know that the glass shades worked perfectly! Thank you so much for helping us to solve this problem. We are extremely grateful!
Stephanie, New Jersey  July 2020
Thank you so much. I will tell you, hands down, Best Customer service Ever! You just don’t get that service these days. So thank you for that!
Shawn, TX, June 2020
I received the replacement globe a couple days ago. It was the perfect size for the floor lamp. Thank you for the suggestion to get the larger globe. I appreciate your service and speedy delivery. Take care and stay well.
Pat, Pennsylvania. May 2020
My order arrived safely. Thank you so much…I was impressed with the timeliness, the packaging and the quality of the product..again, thank you. You have restored my faith in shopping online.
Randall, GA, May 2020
Thank you for your excellent customer service! The globes arrived today and are beautiful.
Mel, PA, May 2020
I received the shade and it is a perfect match. Thank you so much for help.
John, FL, May, 2020
They look incredible. I am so happy. I was going to buy a new light fixture and I am so glad I found you!! The picture does not do it justice!
Lori, NC, May 2020
My globe arrived today and I couldn't be happier with it. Also, tomorrow is my birthday and this is one of the presents I bought for myself. You have provided excellent customer service. I will tell my friends about your company and if I need another special lamp shade or globe, etc., I know where to look.Take care and stay well.
Kelly, NY, April 2020
I received the glass and installed it, perfect fit. Best regards and thanks for your help.
Alfredo, NJ, April 2020 
Just took delivery of the schoolhouse shade for my Hunter ceiling fan and it is great.  Looks good, diffuses the light and fit correctly.  Thanks for your help and guidance with picking the correct shade.  I didn't know the six inch mouth was so important until I realized most were 3-4 inches. Thanks again for a great product.
John, CA, April 2020
Just placed the shade on the lamp. Thank you, it is perfect. It’s nice not to have a naked bulb.
Jo Ann, New York   April, 2020
It was the perfect solution to our problem Thank you for working with us.
AC, PA, April 2020
Inserted the globes into the sockets and...it’s a perfect fit!!! Soooo happy:)) Thank you for your patience & kindness.
Helaine, Florida  April 2020
I seldom recognize the quality of services I receive (positive or negative) but in this case, Thank You for going over-the-top in assisting me in securing a replacement globe for my ceiling lamp. Your service and commitment to customer satisfactory and is extraordinary!
Marc, MD, April 2020
Received the glass! It looks and fits great. Thank you.
Steve, NY, April 2020
I received the glass today and it fits perfectly—THANKS!!
Mary, AZ, April 2020
Just what I wanted. Thank you.
Wayne, NC, April 2020
I appreciate your help! I have nothing but great things to say about you! Thank you so much! I love my shade!
Tony, MO, April 2020
The tulip shades arrived today. They work well with the original ones. All is good. Thanks so much for your help and especially your patience.
Judy, VA, March 2020
Just wanted to let you know I received the globes and I love them. They fit perfectly. Thanks for all your help.
Liz, NC, March 2020
Thanks for your help! Great assistance, packaging, it fit perfectly!! Cross that project off my very long list!!
Kim, NC, March 2020
The shades arrived safely today.  Exactly the same style as the originals. Thank you for your excellent customer service.
Rich, NY, March 2020
We received the shade today and it is absolutely perfect!! The glass matched and the fit is exactly what we needed. Thanks so much for your help.
Reggie, NV, February 2020
I received my globe today. Fits perfect.  Thank you so much for your patience and help.  I am very pleased.
Annie, IL  February 2020
I just wanted to Thank You. These are awesome for the fixture I have built. All was in great condition. Again Thank You!!!
Vince, OH, February 2020

Thanks for your good service, beautiful lamp shades and fast delivery. Mary, OR, February, 2020

Thanks! Great customer service. Ann, MA, February 2020

Love the butterscotch shade. Very happy. Thank you. Paul, NY, January 2020

The lamp glass is perfect. Nice doing business you.
Scott, RI, January 2020

Thank you so much for your help and great customer service.
Debbie, OR, January 2020

You have been very helpful and diligent in your efforts on my account. I am most grateful.

Ginnie, MD, January 2020

Thank you for excellent service.
Paul, NC, January 2020

Just complimenting everything about the product and packaging. Thank you. My lamps more are complete and so so pretty!

Melody, OH, January 2020
Hi! I received my Tiffany neckless shade today!  It's beautiful, fits perfectly and arrived much sooner than we expected!  Thank you so much for working with me on this! Rest assured, any future lamp issues I have, you'll be our first contact!!
Ann, NY, January 2020
You have been very helpful and diligent in your efforts on my account. I am most grateful
Gini, MD, January 2020
Just wanted to let you know the two lampshades arrived a couple weeks ago and look great. Thank you for great service!
Joan, CA, January 2020
Just complimenting everything about the product and packaging. Thank you. My lamps are more complete and so so pretty!
Melody, OH, December 2019
The shade is perfect. Thank you so much for everything you have done and I just cannot tell you how appreciative I am.
Rhonda, MI, December, 2019
Thank you very much. The dome shade is very very nice.
Rob, ID, December, 2019

Thanks ever so much! What I received was an exact replica that I bought 15 years ago. Could not be happier - Perfect, thanks again. Wayne, SC, December, 2019

The 3 shades arrived yesterday. They are already installed and I am very pleased. Thanks. Marge, DE, December, 2019

Glass came and it looks great!! Thank you so much! Michelle, MN, December 2019

Thank you for excellent service. Paul, NC, December 2019

I just wanted to comment on the outstanding customer service i received at Lamp Glass, from the sales person named Susan. Whoever hired her deserves a raise as well as her. I never met a sales person that comes close to her. Brian, MI, November 2019

Eureka! Shades received today - they fit and are lovely! Thanks! Eileen, Il, October 2019

Thank you so very much. My torchiere glass shade order arrived and it looks fabulous. Regards, Alta Marie, TX, October 2019

Thanks for finding my lamp shade. It arrived in good shape. I appreciate the excellent customer service. Mary, CO, August 2019

Just a quick note to say that the 2 Large Pale Green / Cranberry Lily Shades arrived today and they are PERFECT! Thank you for the expert, secure shipping. huge THANKS It has been a pleasure doing business with you, this was an excellent transaction. Much continued success! Louis, NY August 2019

These shades are perfect! I loved them so much that I couldn't help but get the chandelier out of the packaging to see how it all looks together. Once I put the shades, brown pieces, and the bulbs in I couldn't believe how much more perfect it all became. Wow! These things are all meant to be together! I'm so excited. Anyway, THANK YOU so much for all this - you did amazing work! Even my husband who kept saying that he was going to hate the shades (based on pictures) admits that he never expected those to look so perfect on that fixture, with those bulbs and over our dining table. I will be sending you pictures once we have it installed. Thank you again!
Nellie, GA, August 2019
I just wanted you to know that all 7 glass shades arrived in perfect shape. Thank you again for your great customer service.
Maria, CA, August 2019

We received the glass cylinders very quickly and have them installed in our lamps. Happy Customers John, MD, July 2019

I received my "lily" replacement shade, and am delighted with it. It is prettier than the original, and was shipped in a timely manner. Right from the start of this process, I was so happy with this transaction. The lady that took my order was efficient and delightful to deal with. Your tracking statements are the best that I have ever experienced. Everyone writes to complain, but I just had to write to tell you that you are doing things right. I hope that I don't break another shade, but if I do, or know of anyone else that might need one, you will be the one to call. Thank You, Carol, OH, July 2019
Thank you so much - just wanted to show you one of two sconces....the final look. I love it!! Happy camper here and I don’t camp!
Connie, IN July 2019
The shade is beautiful and I’m more grateful than I can say for all your advice and help. It was a total pleasure dealing with you. I look forward to breaking another shade! Thanks again,
Paula, New York  June 2019
The hurricane arrived and was a perfect fit. Thanks for the timely shipping. I’m a very happy customer.
H. Giles, Maryland, June 2019

Thank you for your excellent service. I appreciate dealing with a family owned business and will recommend you to anyone looking for replacement shades. You have been extremely helpful and I am very happy to have found a business with such excellent customer service, a rarity these days. Sincerely, Joyce, VT, June 2019

I can’t tell you how much we LOVE the white glass shades! They arrived yesterday and I put them up last night. Talk about a giving that small bathroom some class! I’ll be back for future lighting needs. Gwenn, PA  May, 2019

The glass came yesterday and its PERFECT!! Thank you so much for your diligence in trying to find the right one.  My bathroom looks so much better now that there isn’t a broken glass sconce!! Thank you again! Robin, MA, Mar 2019

The glass arrived in perfect condition - thanks very much! Kind regards,
Rosemary, Germany, Feb 2019
Our new glass shade fits perfectly over the closet light fixture, and I couldn't be happier with it. I love the alabaster pattern in the glass, and it is even nicer than the one it replaces. Thank you again for your expert help in choosing a fixture that would fit properly. So much better than my previous back-and-forth trips to the hardware store! Sincerely, Jean , PA, Feb. 2019
Thank you. The shade arrived in perfect shape and fits exactly. I'm pleased.
Sally, FL, January 2019

Thank you so much for your assistance with helping me with replacing this shade. What excellent customer service:) Karen, PA, January 2019

Thank you! The glass look fabulous! H.C., LA,  January 2019



If you do not find what you are looking for, please use the contact us page and we'll try to help. Accurate measurements and a picture or drawing are very helpful.


We have many glass lamp shades in stock that have been discontinued so you may find exactly what you need, especially if it is an older shade. We also carry an assortment of antique glass in various sizes.


We received the shades in perfect condition and they work and fit perfectly. Thanks so very much! Amy, VA, September, 2018

Product received. Perfect! Thanks! Mr. Kinlaw, SC, September 2018

Both chimneys have arrived safe an sound and they are a perfect fit – I am delighted. Thank you for all your prompt and polite help while dealing with all the fuss. Felicity, United Kingdom, September 2018

I wanted to thank you for the PERFECT MATCH to our original light fixture. It is amazing that these were available, since the originals were installed when my dad's house was built in 1972. I was fully prepared to end up with something that would be okay, but the globe is an exact match and the finial is so extremely similar to the original, nobody would ever notice a difference. Many thanks for your hard work and help. Anne, CA, August 2018

The new 4" lamp shade arrived today and it fits!!! Please pass this on to your supervisor so you can get an "atta girl" or employee of the month award!  I am a very satisfied customer and will use your company again should the need ever arise.  In addition, I will recommend your company to family and friends.
Debbie, MA, August 2018

Just wanted to say how much I like these globes, #8390 S, this order will be #5 and #6 of these globes from your company. Thanks! Will, TX, August 2018

Just a quick note to let you know we received the fixture and it is now up and running great.  Thank you for everything you did to help us.  We truly appreciate it.
Don, Nova Scotia, Canada, July 2018

Thank you!  I can’t believe how hard it is to find a replacement. Your customer service has been exemplary. I look forward to hearing from you. Dianne, WA, July 2018

Got it already and it's perfect. Thanks so much for making this so easy.
Rhonda, NC, July 2018

Your attention to details and quick service much appreciated.  My Mother’s old lamp was only down one week. We all thought it would be impossible to replicate but you came through. Louise, MA, July 2018

Great customer service; thanks so much. Rhonda, NC, July 2018

They arrived today and worked perfectly! Thanks so much! Teresa, TX, July 2018